G-Dash colour dashboard & data logger


Introducing the all new G-Dash colour dashboard & data logger.

Designed primarily to fill a gap in the market for an affordable small colour display with all the features that you need but without having to pay for features that you don't!

Have you ever wanted a colour dashboard with fully-featured alarm functionality and built-in data logging capability, but don't want to spend an excessive amount of you hard-earned cash for a unit packed with features that you don't need and will never use? Do you want a dash that is easy to set up using a simple drag & drop interface, yet provides all the display, logging and alarm functions of a unit costing two or three times as much? If so, the Geartronics G-Dash is probably what you've been looking for!

Like us, you've probably noticed that there's been a bit of an 'arms race' recently between the various established dashboard manufacturers, each packing their units with ever more advanced and complex features in an effort to out-do the competition. While this might be great for the high-end professional market, where teams routinely employ the services of electronics & data engineers, the big manufacturers seem to have left behind those teams & drivers who just want something affordable to do the job they want. This is where the G-Dash enters the market. Packed with all the stuff you actually need, but none of the stuff you dont. Check out the features below:

  • Selectable between landscape and portrait orientation
  • Customisable ‘splash’ screen to add your own start-up logo/graphic
  • 10 x pre-defined page layout templates
  • User-friendly drag & drop interface to add channels to virtual on-screen pages
  • Fully configurable gauge colour conditions based on channel values
  • 12 x common pre-defined channels, such as RPM, water temp, oil temp etc.
  • Up to 10 additional user-defined custom CAN channels
  • Up to 5 analogue channels (0-5v)
  • Linear or non-linear analogue input scaling
  • CANbus port speed options: 125KBit/s, 250KBit/s, 500KBit/s, 1MBit/s
  • Supports industry standard .dbc CAN configuration files
  • User-defined CAN configuration to allow communication with all aftermarket ECUs
  • Supports multiplexed (compound) CAN addressing
  • Supports standard 11-bit and extended 29-bit CAN Ids
  • OBD-II compliant for use with OEM ECUs supporting CAN based OBD (ISO 15765-4)
  • Odometer (non-resettable) and trip meter function (requires digital wheel speed input)
  • Gear indication either by CAN input, analogue input, or calculated from Speed/RPM
  • Fully configurable alarm functions for all channels
  • Fully configurable CAN transmit function for use as a CAN relay etc.
  • Auxiliary output switching based on conventional logic operators
  • 256Kb data logging, up to 16 channels (max 50Hz sample rate)
  • Engine log to record maximum channel values and engine run-time
  • Tell-tale page to record maximum values of up to 10 channels

    Click here to open the full user manual
    Click here to download the G-Dash software

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    G-Dash colour dash/logger (includes basic wiring loom) £595.00 +VAT
    Mounting kit (carbon fibre bracket + AV mounts) £25.00 +VAT

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