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paddle shift Paddle Shift system. Proven, closed-loop
semi-auto shift system. Multiple 24hr race
& championship winning reliability.
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+ VAT.
G-Dash colour dashboard G-Dash colour dash/logger:
A fuly featured colour dash & data logger.
Compatible with all aftermarket ECUs
and OEM ECUs with CAN based OBDII
Easyshift ECU 'Easyshift' system:
A standalone, closed-loop, programmable
full-throttle manual shift system.
(Including wiring harness)
From £320.00
Gear display Gear position indicator:
Programmable 30mm digital display unit.
The original & still the best!
Carbon fibre button plate Carbon fibre steering-wheel button plate:
Available for standard 3 or 6 bolt mounting.
Allows the fitment of six 12mm diameter buttons to your steering wheel. (Buttons NOT included).
potentiometer Gear position sensors:
Hall-effect rotary position sensors from
Penny & Giles, Contelec, Novotechnik etc.
USB to Serial adapter USB to RS232 serial adapter:
For use with our Easyshift ECU
or any other ECU requiring a serial connection
Compatible with WinXP, Win7, Win8 & Win10
wiring harness Connectors & wiring harnesses:
We can supply a range of wiring harnesses & motorsport connectors for use with our systems.