About Geartronics

Geartronics director, Neil Wallace, designing the latest multi-layer PCB for the new paddleshift ECU. sequential gearbox paddle-shift paddle shift pneumatic assisted gaershift gear shift gear change xtrac x-trac hewland ricardo quaife elite pankl tractive selholm glebe motorsport transmission transmissions gear position indicator indicators flatshift flat shift flat-shift powershift shift without lift SWOL The Geartronics business was originally conceived in the year 2000 by sole director Neil Wallace. Based in Sheffield (UK), we are now approaching our 22nd year of trading, primarily engaged in the design and manufacture of semi-automatic control systems for sequential motorsport gearboxes. Originally a part-time business, Geartronics has grown significantly year on year to become one of the most well known and respected suppliers of dedicated gearbox electronics. We are now looking forward to an exciting future, supplying the world's racing cars with some of the most technologically advanced gearbox control systems on the market.

Neil started his electronics career back in what he now recalls as the golden years of computing - the early 80's. That's when computer engineers actually understood something about electronics and could read a schematic diagram and use a soldering iron! At the age of 25 he built and competed in his first rallycar - a Talbot Sunbeam 1.6Ti.

Neil with F3000 carAfter being involved in motorsport for more than 30 years he has also gained a wealth of mechanical experience, not only from his own cars, but also from numerous other competition cars. He has been involved in the building and preparation of a plethora of competition cars, ranging from the ubiquitous MK2 Escort to 'works' spec GpA Sierra & Escort Cosworths. During 2006, he started the design of a semi-automatic paddleshift system, which has since been developed to become one of the best and most widely respected systems on the market today.

Geartronics Ltd. is still only a relatively small business, but what we lack in size is more than made up by dedication & enthusiasm. All of the design work, and most of the production, is done in-house - where we can better keep track of quality! Keeping work in-house also gives us the benefit of being able to rapidly test design ideas and build prototypes. Typically we can take a new product from concept to market in less than 6 months. Even a product as sophisticated as the paddleshift system took less than a year to develop into a working product.

Being a small company, we are not hindered by the usual inertia of a larger organisation. For example, in response to feature requests, we are able to write software and apply updates at the track within minutes - something that can take many months with larger organisations, or those relying on 3rd party suppliers for their electronic systems.

Neil configuring an F3000Our basic philosophy is this: if a job is worth doing, it's worth doing right. We pride ourselves on our very high levels of customer service and we appreciate that motorsport is not just a 9am-5pm activity. Therefore we strive to offer email & telephone support during the evenings and weekends. Check out the testimonials page to see what our customers say about us. In summary, we're confident that our paddleshift system and after-sales support is amongst the very best available.