Classic Gear Indicator Display
remote gear indicator display
  • 30mm alphanumeric digit, capable of displaying 1-7, N & R
  • High intensity red alphanumeric LED display
  • Photo sensor automatically adjusts display brightness
  • Supplied with high quality wiring harness
  • Designed using latest SMD & multi-layer PCB technology
  • High quality gearbox position sensors, available separately

RE-DESIGNED. New, smaller enclosure - and still the cheapest available!

Our original 1.2" (30mm) display is being used with great success on more than 5000 gearboxes worldwide, and in all motorsport disciplines. Originally designed to cater for the needs of a leading UK gearbox constructor, we can now supply units to suit any sequential gearbox, providing that it's fitted with a barrel position sensor.

The Geartronics indicator is fully programmable to suit all gearbox types, regardless of gear order or angular increments between gears, it even works if the potentiometer is fitted 'upside down'! A simple one button programming procedure is used to 'learn' the positions of each gear, including neutral & reverse. A programmable relay driver pin is also included that can be activated in R, N or both R & N.

Dimensions: 47 x 63 x 20mm

Price: £135.00 +carriage +VAT.

Supplied complete with wiring harness. Potentiometer or hall-effect sensor available separately, click here.

Click here for setup instructions.

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