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User manuals, data sheets & schematics
Paddleshift system
Quick setup guide
Paddleshift GCU-1 pinout
(After May 2012)
Paddleshift GCU-1 schematic
(After May 2012)
GCU-1 Pinout description
(After May 2012)
GCU connector
termination guide
Paddleshift GCU-1 tacho
Jumper configuration
G-Dash colour dashboard
User manual
Easyshift user manual
(Manual shift system)
Easyshift coil cut wiring
(Manual shift system)
Gear position indicator
(After April 2011)
Gear position indicator
Bara Motorsports.
Quaife Gear Indicator
& temperature display
Gear position sensor
installation instructions.
GCU-3 pinout information
37-way Deutsch AS connector
CAN setup guide
GCU-3 Torque control
CAN definition.
Penny & Giles rotary
hall-effect datasheet
Pneumatic schematic
typical installation
Pneumatic schematic
Hillclimb installation
Installation Drawings
Paddleshift system
Gearbox actuator installation guide
Paddleshift system
Throttle blipper, push type
Paddleshift system
Throttle blipper, cable pull type
3-way valve block
Standard type
2-way valve block
For DBW applications
Air accumulator assembly
with mounting foot
Air accumulator assembly
without mounting foot
Air compressor assembly
silver type
Air compressor assembly
black type
Gearbox actuator
standard 32mm stroke
Gearbox actuator
long 50mm stroke
High pressure regulator
for hillclimb installation
'Formula' paddle assembly
'GT' paddle assembly
Single 'rally' paddle assembly
Gearbox Control Unit (GCU)
Gearbox Control Unit (GCU3)
CAN based 'Pro' version
Paddleshift-1 calibration software:
Please contact Geartronics for the correct version for your GCU
Easyshift calibration software
version 3.1.10 - Only for ECU's supplied after July 2014
Paddleshift GCU3 calibration & Shiftview V3.37.2
Please read update instructions.
Previous GCU3 calibration & Shiftview (
Only for use with 'Pro' GCU3.
Paddleshift GCU3 'Lite'
For use with a password protected GCU3 - allows sensor calibration
G-Dash configuration software
(Includes Dashview data analysis)
GCU3 firmware update instructionsGCU3 Firmware update instructions
Win9x/XP USB Drivers Paddleshift USB Device Drivers.
Please note: these drivers are not Windows certified!
Instructions for disabling driver
signature enforcement in Win8/10.
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