Customer Testimonials

Here are just a selection of comments we regularly receive from our very satisfied customers around the world...

"Just wanted to say how impressed we are with the change over to the paddle shift, itís one of the best upgrades we have fitted to the car. We ran at Pembrey a few weeks back and got fastest car in practice, P1 in quali and won the race with a 16sec margin followed up with taking the lap record at the circuit in the vtec challenge. We dropped the box oil after the weekend and Iím happy to say there was virtually zero contamination on the magnet which we have never seen in 3 years."

Ben - Corten-Miller Performance - Honda EP3

"I just wanted to say a big thank you for your help and support over not only the last few weeks, but especially last weekend when we were at Hockenheim. Your help and hard work was invaluable; and because of it we got our best result ever. I just want to let you know that it is exactly this level of commitment that wins you loyal customers and it is why I always put Geartronics on any car I own."

Phil Stratford - Benetton B197 Formula-1 car with JUDD V10 engine and our 'Pro' GCU3 running Megaline CAN emulation to the MoTeC M190 ECU.

"Over the past 10 or more years, we at Zele-Racing have equipped numerous Singleseater and CN Sportscars with Geatronics Hardware and Software. Amongst them a couple Benetton F1, a Forti F1, at least 5 or 6 Formula Renault 2.0, several F3000 cars etc. Quality of all Components and especially Support by Neil Wallace are second to none in the business. Having worked with LifeRacing, Shiftec, Megaline and Magneti-Marelli as well, for me Geatronics have the most user-friendly software on the market."

Michael Zele - Zele Racing, Austria

"Thought you might like to know talking to Richard Wise with the red Chiron you setup at the beginning of the year. He said the gearshift is absolutely outstanding. Whatever he does with the car it always changes down. He said he can back the car into the corner with the rear brakes locking a bit and still it changes down. Never missed a gear all year."

Henry Nickless - Chiron World Sportscars.

"Just a quick note to say thanks for the setup on the gearshift. It worked brilliantly at Snetterton the other day. We have a few niggles with the car, but the one thing that didn't let us down was the shifter. The guys were commenting all day how it has transformed the car and can't get enough of it."

Adam Rowlandson - Scruffy Motorsport, Aquila CR1

"We've just had the gearbox stripped, it's now done 42000 gear changes over the last 3 years and it's not wanted anything that's down to your gearchange system, it's perfect every time."

Martin Hodgson - Escort MK2 rally car with Tractive gearbox

"I have been running the Geartronic system on my Evo9 Race Car since 2014 and couldn't recommend a better product to anyone as your system is amazing ó best on the market!"

Mick Sigsworth - Pro-Am World Time Attack EVO

"He was over the moon with the paddle shift, never missed a change all day."

Grant Shand of RallyXtreme commenting after the first outing of Rob Lowe's high-tech MK2 Escort

"When you buy Geartronics, you donít just buy the product, you buy the whole service that goes with it. I mean, where else can you get somebody configuring your Paddleshift remotely at 9pm on a Saturday night via an iPhone, thatís just exceptional. The Geartronics Paddleshift is a fantastic piece of kit and always raises eyebrows on how professional it looks, feels & performs. It has never let me down."

Paul Dew - Westfield sprint car with paddleshift on Sadev gearbox.

"To be honest, the down shifts where smoother than I was anticipating. At one point I was doing double takes on the position indicator to check it had changed - it was that good."

David Long after the first track test with his Caterham/Sadev/Duratec paddleshift installation"

"Iím really impressed with the quality of your work, itís very much appreciated. Every time I open a package from Geartronics I'm amazed by the quality - just no compromise anywhere. Even my name printed on the bespoke harness."

David Long, commenting after receiving a bespoke paddleshift wiring harness for his Caterham

"The 211 with the paddle shift is brilliant. We havenít had any problems whatsoever. I donít even think we have adjusted any of the setting from when you set it up in the workshop."

Tom Robinson, Datum Motorsport - Lotus 2-11

"I want to thank you for your help and assistance on the setup of the paddleshift system. Your configuration now gives a smooth downshift. The car is transformed. The gearbox now works perfectly under all conditions. Neil you are the Best. Thank you for coming. You give incredible value to your product."

Luc Marichez, Porsche 997 Cup, commenting after a test day at Magny Cours, France.

"For me, is one of the best interfaces Iíve ever used. Very easy and simple to use, the informations are very clear. Even non-experienced users can easily configurate the protocols. Congratulations for you and your team. "

Eduardo Bitencourt, Pro Tune Electronic Systems, Brazil.

"That gearshift was to bloody die for mate!!!."

Martin Short, Rollcentre Racing (BMW GTR)

"Thank you for your support yesterday and setting up the Geartronics system. We are very impressed with the kit and it has transformed the car."

John Graham - Gould GR55B, Cosworth/NME XB 2.8 V8

"Thank you for all the support so far, it is very much appreciated. Just on a side note, I don't think I have ever dealt with such a professional, its nice to see someone 100% committed to their company and customers through and through. Only if other companies had your ethics."

Richard Stock, Hawke Motorsport.

"Your gearbox shit is insane. I love the shift, it gives me a bone a dog couldn't chew every time I shift."

Brad Sherriff - one of our Australian customers, as if you couldn't guess!

"Your system has been flawless for all these years and I am so glad I went with your product. It really has transformed the car. The most impressive thing about the system is its reliability. I run the car in the worst conditions of heat and dust and everything has been going flawlessly for 3 years now.

Olivier Nicolas, Dubai - Carerham R500, Duratec, Sadev SCL82.

"Just came back from the SCCA Runoffs at Laguna Seca, finished third. Our Geartronics paddleshift works perfect and has improved my driving immensely."

Gary Hickman - Phoenix F1000 with a Suzuki GSXR1000

"I just thought that Iíd let you know how my season went. I did a total of 9 events, the last of which was yesterday and I took 6 podiums, 2 of which were wins. Easily my best ever season. The paddleshift has totally revolutionised my driving. Whether it suits me or I suit it Iím not sure, but whatever the reason itís made me consistently competitive all year.

Steve Garner, Westfield hillclimb, Sadev SCL82-17

"I was rushing a bit earlier, so forgot to say how pleased I am with the GCU, it changes gear so much smoother than it used to."

Martin Hounsell speaking after replacing a rival gearbox controller with our more sophisticated GCU.

"Your level of service and product functionality is as good or better than any company I have every dealt with, it's a credit to you. I couldn't recommend you highly enough, cheers Brad"

Brad Sherriff - Boost Automotive, Australia

I used to have a simple micro switch on my Quaife 60G gearbox, but after changing for a Flatshift system it works much much better. The guys from Geartronics were a great help to solve online with us some minor problems when seting the ecu. My Escort is great now.

Rui Torres - Portugal

"I've just had an excellent weekend at Shelsley, the paddleshift was absolutely stunning. Almost seamless upchanges, and the downs were perfect too. Iíve been competing there for a few years now and with this engine the fastest Iíve ever been over the finish line is 104mph. I managed 107mph a few times and gained 2 new PBís so I was very happy"

Steve Garner, Westfield hillclimb, Sadev SCL82-17 .

"I'm proud to say we gave the Darrian T9V6 it's maiden overall win on the D'Isis Stages at the weekend. As you know it's fitted with a Nissan V6 mated to a Hewland NMT gearbox. The paddleshift worked faultlessly all day as it has done for the last 2 years."

Andy Fraser, Darrian T9.

"For your information we have just stripped & checked a Quaife 69G gearbox. It has done at least 20 hours of racing with Geartronics Easyshift. The two drivers had never previously used a sequential, and with the Easyshift fitted you could remove the parts and sell them as new. Exceptional.

Grant Williams, Palmside Imports, New Zealand

"Nicholas Belling from Geartronics [North American agent] has again showed his great service. The shifter worked awesome during the race. I was able to brake so, so late, and it would downshift without issue. They have the programming perfected. The system really helps with consistent lap times."

J R Osbourne, F1000, Denver, USA.

"After driving the Citation I bought with the geartronics installed, the pro shifter had to go."

Jason Bell - US F1000 competitor after comparing to a rival system.

"I'm a brand new Geartronics customer. I'd resisted installing one since I was in the development stages on my personal car and just didn't want the added distraction of yet another complexity. Boy was I ever way off base. I regret not installing this sooner. I just got back from testing at WSIR and the Geartronics has exceeded my expectations."

Gary Hickman - US F1000 competitor.

"I just wanted to send a quick note to thank you for all your help this season. Last Sunday was our final race and James in his Swift with your system finished 3rd and set fastest lap in the Championship race. Both Brian and James canít say enough about the shitfing. Also, others trying different [manufacturers] systems at the National Championships on similar cars were not as satisfied.

Carl Liebich - Motorsport Enterprises, USA.

"I was very satisfied with the paddleshift system. How the system managed the downshifts was awsome, and it totally changed my driving experience. Compared to the flatshift I used prior to fitting your paddleshift system, the upshifts now are smoother."

Rolf Braathen, In-Tec Motorsport, Norway - Ginetta G50.

"You're very knowledgable and thus far you have been among the most professional companies/person I have dealt with."

Brad Sherriff, Boost Automotive, Australia.

"I must tell you how well the shifting went, and Brian said it shifts much faster than his Benetton. He was very, very happy with with your system. Thank you for all the help."

Carl Liebich/Brian French - Motorsport Enterprises, USA.

"Everything went very, very well today thank you. In complete honesty we just forgot about the gearbox! It's as if it was not there - it did not miss a beat, and programming wise I cannot fault it. The best thing I can say is that even on a scarily greasy track the car was still nailed, and the gearbox and change just faultless. I cannot thank you enough - and will spread the word."

Chris Headlam - Britcar Lotus Exige, Sadev ST82 gearbox.

"The Saker was faultless throughout the race and the paddle-shift really complemented the car."

Paul Rose, Saker cars UK.

"I would just like to take this opportunity to say that after another 20 hours we have still not replaced a single dog ring on our Quaife gear box. We have now totalled nearly 60 hours without a single hiccup."

Ben Scrivens, BSRacing - Ginetta G50

"I took the bike to York Dragway yesterday for some testing, to say I am delighted with the results is an understatement."

Phil Wood, 700hp Hayabusa turbo drag bike with fully automatic shift.

"It's been brilliant on the ADR, all last year with not one hiccup. We had 3 wins, 2 seconds, and a few 3rds, at different circuits. [We] change the ratios all the time, and I am still on the same dog rings that the FTR came with. Fantastic!!!!"

Summertree Racing commenting on their success with the paddleshift system on their ADR sports racer.

"I have since given some of my customers a drive of the car with Geartronics so they could compare with their electric systems, let's just say they were very impressed..."

Adam Proctor - Stohr Sports Racer

"I do some clubsport racing in New Zealand in a home built turbo Hayabusa powered sportscar and have firsthand experience of the limitations of open loop gearshift systems (destroyed g/box, engine and race season) on Hayabusa engines."

Mark Galvin, prior to fitting the Geartronics paddleshift system Then Mark's comment after fitting our system...

"Thanks for the set-up advice. The system is working very smoothly now on both up and down shifts. It's transformed the car."

Mark Galvin - Turbo Hayabusa race car.

"Just a quick catch up to say thanks for all your help and support in setting up the Jordan, it won both of the races it competed in this year (first time out) and the customer is very happy with it.

Kevin Mansell - Jordan/JUDD V10 F1 car

"Just a quick email to say how pleased I am with the paddleshift system!! Just stripped the gearbox from the GTR and the dogs are marks on them what so ever!!

Will @ Geoff Steel racing, commenting after stripping the Tractive gearbox of the Britcar 24-hour winning BMW GTR.

"I just wanted to take the opportunity to personally thank you, and your company, for the consistent and hugely appreciated support throughout this yellow Lotus project. Donnington felt like a real turning point - it's all starting to knit together now - and you are no small part of that. It's sad to say that its rare for companies to be so supportive and detailed as Geartronics are - you stand out, and I'm full of admiration and thanks."

Chris Headlam - Lotus Exige

"It's day and night the difference compared to the old [electric solenoid] system. I am at dinner now with two of my drivers listening to them complain about their electric shifters, I think we will a get few more orders for your system soon..."

Adam Proctor commenting after the first Race weekend with our paddleshift on his Stohr 1000 Sports Racer.

"We own and run the Jordan 197 that Kevin Mansell converted to the Judd GV4 and have run it in the US for 2 races. Your system is very good, and the driver is impressed with the quickness of the shifting. We are also impressed with the reliability."

Carl Liebich, Motorsports Enterprises Ltd. - Jordan F1 V10

"When SADEV in France opened the gearbox, they were very surprised by the low level of wear for a gearbox having done 1000 km of track driving. They are quite impressed by your sytem."

Olivier Nicolas - Caterham R500, Sadev SCL82-17.

Needless to say, your equipment worked spot on and definitely helped in bringing the time down. Thanks very much, I'm delighted.

Darren Luke - Caterham Hayabusa. Speaking after breaking the class record at Shelsley Walsh hillclimb.

"Thanks for help today on the ecu and setting up, we have just come back from testing and the difference is day and night between the new closed loop system and old fixed cut system we had previously. Gear changes are seamless, and the car doesnt dip in power between the shifts. It really is awesome."

Ben Corten-Miller of Corten-Miller Performance, commenting after fitting our closed-loop flatshift to a Sadev SCL-82 gearbox.

"I have now done 2 long events with no problems, we have set a few fastest stage times, finishing in the top 3 on both occasions! I have checked the log over 1000 gear changes and no missed shifts either. Keep up the good work!"

Paul King - Escort MKII, Millington engine & Tractive RD906 gearbox.

"The system is working great. We're out testing today with the V8 car and David is VERY enthusiastic about the shifter.

Dennis Palatov, DP Motorsport - DP1 Pikes Peak challenger. Driver: David Donner.

"Having sat in a car with this set up and won an event on its first outing all I can say is awesome. The car never missed a beat all day and with the driver being able to grab gears without having to let go of the wheel has transformed things and brought us closer to the Darrians. It is also easier on the engine and transmission. It gets a big thumbs up from us."

Colin Harkness - (co-driver, Metro 6R4) after winning the Horiba rally at MIRA.

"Just a quick line to let you know the easy shift worked a treat at Snetterton at the weekend, and the blipper worked great. Even in the poor conditions on the day the gearshifts were a joy to use."

Pete Goulding - Westfield sprint car

"I thought you might appreciate an update on my gearbox, as I thought it would be worthwhile taking it apart for a quick check. Following your set-up work, I've done two rallies on Epynt, and one at Caerwent with many thousands of gear changes. I expected to see some visible wear and/or damage to dog teeth, but what I found was amazing. All of the dog teeth, on gears and clutch/dog rings, were in perfect condition, and could have been sold as Ďas newí items.......I am very impressed, and most pleased :)"

Mark Straker - Darrian GTR, Hewland TMT transaxle.

"I finally got round to driving my Caterham with your GCU on the Sadev - quite incredible shift speed - feels like a DSG at moderate throttle, and instantaneous when going flat out!"

Daniel Luhde-Thompson - Caterham 7, Sadev SCL82-17 gearbox.

"I am verry happy with the system from Geartronics! It works very good. I won all 10 races in Switzerland with 6 new track records."

Marcel Steiner - Osella FA30, Zytek KV3000 engine/Sadev transaxle.

"To let you know that finally we race the car yesterday and everything was perfect, engine cut, bliper, down and up shifting."

Iasbelino Estrella, Puerto Rico - Mitsubishi Lancer EVO VIII, Maktrak transmission.

"I finished the installation in the first car with a [Quaife] 60G and your gear position sensed flatshift setup last weekend. Pleased to report it worked faultlessly"

Chris Barry, Australia

"I just wanted to thank you for all your advice and assistance thus far, the system works brilliantly!!!

Oscar De Oliveira, South Africa - Birkin 7, Quaife 26Z gearbox.

"My sincere thanks must go to Neil Wallace from Geartronics for coming to Blyton and setting up the system for us. This not only performed beyond our expectations but enabled the concept to work in the first place. I cannot recommend this company highly enough, from our initial enquiry to the final successful outcome we were treated with courtesy and respect by a company clearly at the top of their game.

Bruce Bamber, Wessex Racing

"I was delighted with the Geartronics paddle shift which you supplied recently for my Ginetta G50. Your service was timely, expert and professional and the system is light, finely made and worked perfectly first time out. Now I have it I would not be without it."

Dave Krayem - Krayem Motorsport, Ginetta G50.

"I`m verry happy with your system! It works perfectly! I won all three races with new track record in Switzerland, and I won one race of European Hillclimb Championship."

Marcel Steiner - Steiner Motorsport, Switzerland. Osella/Zytek FA30

"I drove our new paddle shift car last week.....I was absolutely amazed at how easy it was to drive, and the way you can just concentrate on the throttle and brakes.....must be worth a lot of time."

Tim Duffee - Darrian Cars, UK

"Thanks for your help last week. Your parts ran faultlessly and I won two races."

Adrian Reynard, speaking after a 'bike sports' meeting at Silverstone.

"The system worked well from the first meeting, with no problems at any of the rounds."

Stewart Robb, after winning the British Sprint Championship in his Pilbeam/JUDD.

"your system worked flawlessly when we tested it over the weekend"

Phil Stratford - Tyrrell/JUDD F1, USA

"Itís been awesome, & the quote of the Weekend at the Targa rally we did a couple of weeks ago was when Glenn stood up & said the gearbox and paddle shifter was so great that he was changing gears even when he didnít need to"

Greg Sandilands - Team manager for Glenn Smith - Mitsubishi Evo 10, Maktrak box.

"The shift time and reliability was outstanding. We had Ivan Capelli drive the car when he was here with F1 as a comparison to when he competed with us a few years ago using the original shift system in the Maserati and he was astounded, stating that it was the fastest and most seamless shift he had experienced in a closed car."

Rod Wilson Ė Trofeo Motorsport, Maserati GT, Australia

"I purchased one of your paddleshift systems and use it in my F1000 car - it is awesome!† You have done a great job with it - it's just fantastic!"

John LaBrie, F1000 driver, USA.

"I must say I never thought that a closed loop flat shift system would make such a difference with the shifting, cruising and at speed, but†now I have used it there is definitely no going back"

Josh Read, Rallycar application, Barbados.

"The gearbox change is performing fantastically after the set up work that you did on the day"

Andy Dunbar Ė Westfield Hillclimb

"Paddle shift is working very well thanks, and has been behaving perfectly"

John Danby Motorsport Ė Britcar team

"I am very pleased with the system, and I am going faster everywhere and gaining more and more confidence with the car. The paddle shift system seemed to be the final piece of the jigsaw for that car"

Tony Hunt Ė Force PC, Supercharged Hayabusa, hillclimb

"The gearbox was perfect! During the entire meeting it did not miss a gear going up or down. Many thanks for all your help and congrats on a great product."

Richard Chamberlain Ė Porsche 935 twin turbo

"A quick note to let you know that the system works perfectly. It has already allowed me to optimise the gearing better to suit the car and the track rather than to suit where and when I could fit a gear shift in. I finished third in both runoffs with a best time 0.3s better than my previous best. Many thanks for producing such a good system."

Trevor Willis Ė OMS, Powertec V8, hillclimb

"I'd just like to inform you that we've successfully finished our first race with your F3000 paddle shift unit and that it had worked flawlessly. We're very satisfied with your product and would like to thank you for your kind support."

Marko Mlakar Ė Lola F3000

Geartronics system awesome - with not a single missed shift

James Hoseason Ė Darrian GTR rallycar

I think that everythingís gone perfectly! Rosario is happy of your system an driverís response were enthusiastic!"

Matteo Cavedoni Ė Puresport, Dallara Nissan World Series.

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