News (2015)
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October 2015

Different disciplines, same domination

J R Osborne F1000 SCCA Runoff champion

It's been another good few weeks for Geartronics users both at home and abroad. Firstly, our customers dominated the F1000 & prototype classes at the recent US SCCA Runoffs at Daytona International Speedway. J R Osborne took 1st place in the F1000 class in his Firman, while Gianpaolo Ciancimino (Stohr) & Chris Farrell (Stohr) won protorype classes 1 & 2 respectively.

The annual SCCA runoffs is the pinnacle of US motorsports, where the best drivers from every race division in the country compete to crown the ultimate champion in the different racing classes over the course of a week. The Geartronics paddleshift system was represented by in excess of 20 drivers, all of which had 100% reliability throughout the races.

Stevie Leonard Jersey Rally winner 2015 Meanwhile, closer to home, Escort MK2 driver Steve Leonard and navigator Sion Humphreys totally dominated the Jersey Rally from start to finish. After two days and 30 special stages, the local pair won by a comfortable two and a half minutes from their nearest rivals. Another one of our customer crews, Lyndon Barton & Simon Hunter finished a creditable 10th overall in their BMW M130. Sadly, Chris West & Robbie Hannah were forced to retire their Peugeot 306 Maxi with engine failure while lying a stong 4th overall on the first day.

For any of our circuit race customers who are not familiar with the 306 Maxi kit car, we would recommend taking a look at this in-car video of the heroic Gilles Panizzi on a French tarmac rally. Watch it to the end and you'll be as breathless as he is! It's little wonder why Chris West wanted to bring his 306 up to date by installing the Geartronics paddleshift system.

April 2015

Clean sweep for Geartronics paddleshift users in US F1000

Geartronics 1-2-3

Geartronics customers score multiple successes at Virginia International Raceway in the US.
JR Osbourne, Jason Bell & Nicolas Ortiz put their paddleshift systems to good use on the Firman & Citation chassis to lock out the podium for round 4 of the championship. Osbourne & Bell also took 1st & 2nd in race 3.

In the P1 prototype class at the same meeting, two more of our paddleshift users, Gianpaolo Ciancimino & Jim Downing (inventor of the HANS device) claimed 1st & 3rd respectively.

February 2015

SIN Cars GT4 gets Geartronics paddleshift.

SIN Cars

Bulgarian supercar manufacturer SIN Cars has chosen to homologate the Geartronics 'Pro' paddleshift system for its R1-GT4 contender.

Based on the R1 road car, the GT4 race model uses a mid-mounted GM LS3 engine and an Australian made Albins ST6-M trasaxle. Engine control is by MoTeC M800 and dash display/logger is the latest colour C125. The electronics package, including the gearbox control unit, is linked by 1Mbit CAN bus, with the GCU sending and receiving messages from both the ECU and dash. This allows us to read important parameters from the CAN data stream and also transmit information & warning messages to the driver. The R1 is expected to compete in the European GT4 series as well as the UK-based GT-Cup.

GCU3 software update.

Shiftview data logging

Shiftview data logging

Despite the fact that we've had our busiest and most successful year to date, we've still managed to find time to squeeze in more software development on our professional CAN based GCU3. Already a top performer with regard to actual shift strategies, the development focus has been on refining our 'Shiftview' data logging software to give the race engineer a very useful tool for setup, monitoring & diagnosing system performance. What's even better is that it's free, and no expensive licences are required to acces all the features.

Shiftview is a powerful and user-friendly software tool that provides the traditional graphical view of various system parameters that the GCU has recorded. Sample rate is up to 1000Hz. However, the GCU only records 'burst' data at high speed during the shift event so as to minimise memory useage. When the shift system is idle, the recording rate is throttled back to a much lower figure, typically 10-20Hz. Useful features include the ability to quickly measure time & channel value deltas as well as being able to quickly step to the next up or down shift using the U & D hot-keys. Click the screenshots above for a high-res view.

You can download the full GCU3 Contol Panel application and Shiftview software here.

More on wiring looms.

Shiftview data logging

Shiftview data logging

The reality is that poor quality wiring harnesses account for a large number of race retirements. At Geartronics, we make sure that our looms are not the cause of race-ending failures. Every paddleshift system we sell is offered with a bespoke wiring harness to give you total reliability. We also have a network of contacts who are able to provide a professional wiring service.

All Geartronics supplied looms are made using only the very best materials - Raychem Spec-55 wire and DR25 sleeving. All joints & connectors are sealed using either Raychem adhesive-lined heatshrink or, for our 'pro' looms, Raychem moulded joints & boots, sealed using system-25 adhesive. Connection points are also labelled with proper heatshrink printed markers, and each loom has an identification label with customer details & reference number. What you will not find on any of our looms are bullet connectors, cheap 'Superseal' power connectors or braided nylon sleeving that went out of fashion 20 years ago!

Click on the above images to see the quality of our work.

January 2015

Optimum Motorsport Ginetta G55 GT4

Geartronics Paddleshift scores a 1-2 in Dubai 24hr!

Following on from last year's win, our paddleshift users Optimum Motorsport & Speedworks Motorsport scored an impressive 1-2 finish in the SP3 (GT4) class at the opening round of the 24hr series in Dubai. The next round moves to the fantastically pretty Mugello circuit in Italy where both teams will face stiff competition from more Geartronics users in the form of Nova-Race with their GT4 spec Ginetta G50's. Good luck to all involved, and may the best paddleshift system win!

Click here to see a couple of on-board laps with Bradley Ellis in the Optimum G55.

There goes another year!

Well, that's another 12 months flown by, and Geartronics has seen increased demand for all its products during 2014. The year started well when we secured the deal to supply Ginetta Cars with paddleshift systems for their G55 GT4 supercup series and also as an homologated option for all their GT4 cars. By the end of the year, every G55 to leave the factory was fitted with our system. In addition to that we supplied numerous race teams and individuals with both paddleshift systems and manual 'flatshift' systems, as well as our ever-popular gear position indicators. In total, we've supplied no less than 177 paddleshift systems in the past 12 months, plus in excess of 500 gear indicators and 150+ flatshift systems. We think that's proof that we must be doing something right. If you would like to join all these happy customers then please get in touch to see how we can make your car faster.

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