Desirable features of pneumatic gearbox actuators
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1. Air actuators are very small and light weight. The Geartronics actuator body is just 42mm outside diameter and 72mm long, and weighs only 300g.

2. Air actuators produce very high force output from a very small physical size & weight. The Geartronics actuator produces approximately 70Kg (700N) force when operated at 8.5bar (125psi).

3. Air actuators do not suffer any reduction in force output when the temperature increases. Therefore there are few, if any, positioning or thermal management considerations.

4. Air actuators do not suffer from any reliability issues at the very high temperatures that are experienced in a racing car. The Geartronics pneumatic actuator is constructed using high specification materials that will operate consistently at temperatures in excess of 230 degrees Celsius.

5. Pneumatic systems do not take large amounts of energy from the vehicle electrical system in one shot. The air compressor consumes only a relatively small amount of electrical power over an extended period, thereby placing no high transient demands on the battery or charging system. The Geartronics 'hillclimb' & 'sprint' systems do not use a compressor, and consequently the current demand of the entire system is less than 1 Amp during gear shifts.

6. Air actuators provide a 'cushion' of compressed air, which means they are mechanically compliant and do not impose potentially damaging shock loadings on the shift mechanism.

7. Air actuators do not generate internal heat when they operate.

So, we think you will agree with the vast majority of professional race teams and choose a pneumatic paddleshift system for your car.